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Designing and manufacturing the best waxing products

Today Deo is Europe’s leading manufacturer of wax warmers, and as innovators we’re constantly striving to deliver ground-breaking products that are loved by beauty professionals around the world.

Quality Waxing Essentials

The health of our planet is important to us, so our products are made from natural ingredients wherever possible.

Fast & Friendly Customer Service

As a family owned business, we want you to feel as though you are a part of the Deo family, so the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

Quality Assured

Our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards, and we handle everything from research & development, to quality control.

Made in the U.K.

We manufacture our products here in the U.K. We now offer over 150 products which are distributed to customers in over 10 countries.

Europe’s best wax warmers

Europe’s best wax warmers

Family run since 1981

Deo is a family run business known for exceptional service and quality. We began in 1981, when our founder and director Jai used his extensive expertise in the textile industry to enter into the waxing market. The idea of waxing wasn’t a new one – ancient Greeks would use ingredients like beeswax, honey and lemon to remove unwanted hair – but by the early 80s it was an exciting market. Following the “au naturale” style of the 70s the new decade favoured smoother skin, so it was the perfect time for our business to grow. We started out with just a few essentials, but today we offer a huge selection of professional hair removal products that are manufactured to the highest possible standards.


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