Deo Pink Paper Waxing Strips - 3.5" x 9"

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  • Description

    Deo non woven waxing strips are the essential strip to be used in waxing treatments. They are strong and durable allowing the user to efficiently and effectively remove stubborn hairs. These versatile paper waxing strips are perfect for waxing larger areas as well as smaller areas. They are high quality, disposable and for use for face and body waxing. Made from polyester viscose, they provide exceptional softness and comfort for the skin. 


    • High-quality non woven paper wax strips
    • 3.5 inches x 9 inches, 100 strips + 50 FREE strips
    • Ideal for tough, stubborn hairs
    • Versatile strips ensuring efficient and effective hair removal
    • Ideal for all waxing treatments
    • Used in conjunction with Deo depilatory waxes to provide the professional finish


    The choice of materials, like wax paper for waxing and paper wax strips, is crucial for smooth, hair-free skin. Wax paper acts as a protective barrier between wax and skin, ensuring clean and precise application. Choose high-quality wax paper to enhance your waxing efficiency. Quality paper wax strips, on the other hand, offer a convenient, mess-free method for hair removal. The best paper wax strips adhere well to the wax, enabling easy removal of unwanted hair with minimal discomfort. Elevate your waxing routine with top-notch wax paper and paper wax strips for a seamless and effective hair removal experience.

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    Vendor: DEO Beauty Products
    Type: Waxing Strips
    SKU: 95200
    Barcode: 5060002163573
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Aria Smith
Awesome product!

Awesome product. I use this in my cabin specially in this month (October), I love the pink color !