Deo Paper Waxing Strips (4 Packs - 3" x 9")

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  • Description

    Deo non woven waxing strips are the essential strip to be used in waxing treatments. They are strong and durable allowing the user to efficiently and effectively remove stubborn hairs. These versatile paper waxing strips are perfect for waxing larger areas as well as smaller areas. They are high quality, disposable and for use for face and body waxing.

    Made from polyester viscose, they provide exceptional softness and comfort for the skin.


    • High-quality non woven paper wax strips
    • 9 inches x 3 inches, 400 strips + 200 FREE strips
    • Ideal for tough, stubborn hairs
    • Versatile strips ensuring efficient and effective hair removal
    • Ideal for all waxing treatments
    • Used in conjunction with Deo depilatory waxes to provide the professional finish


      Achieving salon-quality results at home starts with the right body waxing strips. Professional waxing strips are essential for a smooth and efficient hair removal process. These high-quality strips are designed for precision and effectiveness, allowing a professional finish at home. When choosing body waxing strips, opt for those made with quality materials for optimal wax adhesion and easy hair removal. Professional strips are versatile and suitable for various body parts and waxing techniques. Enhance your at-home body waxing with professional waxing strips for convenience and effectiveness.


      Paper waxing strips offer a mess-free, efficient hair removal solution for at-home waxing. These user-friendly strips allow easy application and removal of depilatory wax. They are designed to adhere to wax and provide precise grip for effective hair removal. Choose high-quality paper waxing strips for a gentle yet thorough waxing process. Their versatility makes them suitable for various body parts, offering a comprehensive hair removal solution. So, embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of paper waxing strips for salon-like results at home, ensuring a smooth and hair-free finish.

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      Vendor: DEO Beauty Products
      Type: Waxing Strips
      SKU: 952024
      Barcode: 5060002163542
      Weight::  2.2 lb

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    Aria Smith
    The best!

    Fantastic product! the best for tough and stubborn hair!