Deo 35oz Digital Sugar Warmer - EXTRA LARGE

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  • Description

    Exclusively for Sugaring – EXTRA LARGE

    The first digital Sugar warmer of its kind, the Deo sugar warmer was specifically designed and manufactured in the UK by Deo Beauty Products to offer perfect temperature control with added features. The Deo digital warmers are part of a range of intelligent beauty products, ideal for busy, multi-tasking Estheticians. Our sugar warmers are suitable for all sugar pastes.

    The warmer will automatically maintain the desired temperature, saving time to heat up the sugar paste.

    The temperature memory saves time as it allows the user to quickly set the heater.

    The digital display allows the user to know the temperature of the sugar paste. This saves the user time from having to test the temperature of the paste before use.

    Offers versatility and extra capacity for larger or busier salons.


    A sugar paste warmer is essential for achieving the perfect consistency in your sugaring sessions. When selecting the best sugar paste warmer, consider temperature control, ease of use, and durability. A top-notch sugar paste warmer ensures an efficient and comfortable sugaring experience. Look for models with advanced temperature settings that allow customization to your preference. The best sugar paste warmers provide a consistent and reliable heat source, maintaining the ideal temperature for your sugar paste effortlessly. Suitable for both seasoned professionals and novices, a high-quality sugar paste warmer is an invaluable tool in elevating your hair removal routine.


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    Vendor: DEO Beauty Products
    Type: Sugar Warmers
    SKU: 930591
    Barcode: 5060002164075
    Weight::  3.75 lb

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Buy ASAP! I was recommended this sugar warmer and I’m so glad I bought it. It did not disappoint! I’d highly recommend this warmer to all my sugaristas! Thank you Deo!