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Deo Honeycomb Waxing Strips on a roll – Perfect for beauty therapists who are busy bees, our honeycomb waxing strips deliver exceptional results in no time. The unique honeycomb texture effortlessly grips even shorter hairs, leaving the skin soft and smooth. For convenience, the beautician can cut the required length of strip for waxing hence less wastage.

Our professional honeycomb waxing strip delivers strength and flexibility, facilitating a fast and accurate wax. Made from polyester XXX they provide exceptional softness and comfort for the skin. The honeycomb texture ensures every client receives a professional yet pleasant waxing experience each and every time. 



  • High-quality extra-strong waxing strips on a roll.
  • 3 inches x 50 + 16 (free) Yards per pack
  • Ideal for tough, stubborn hairs
  • Versatile strips ensuring efficient and effective hair removal
  • Ideal for all waxing treatments
  • Used in conjunction with Deo depilatory waxes to provide the professional finish

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